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We’re all about giving back and we want you to be a part of it.

Vote on which non-profit organization you’d like to see Beyond Real Estate donate their commission to. Simply fill out the form below, select from one of the options, then hit submit.

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Wave academy is dedicated to expanding the role of warm water therapy as a powerful tool in the healing of active duty military and veterans who are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress. San Diego is home to the largest concentration of military personnel and veterans in the nation and 25 percent of veterans in San Diego who served in post-911 conflicts are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress. Wave Academy’s warm water therapy helps reduce anxiety, decrease pain, improve sleep, and contribute to a better quality of life.

• Founded in 2011
• Programs/Services: Aquatic Bodywork Services Therapy in 96-degree
warm water
• Serving: Active-duty military and veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress,
open to veterans from all conflicts

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Traveling Stories is an expert at making reading fun and their priority is helping kids fall in love with reading by the 4th grade. Their mobile story tent program uses financial literacy to transform reluctant readers into confident ones.

• Founded in 2010
• Programs/Services: Story Tents, Story Tents at Home
• Serving: Children of all ages

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Banding Together’s mission is to bring music opportunities to individuals with special needs in our community. Their goal is to meet the needs of the under-served special needs population in our community through a variety of innovative and unique music therapy programs. Their programs help these individuals develop essential social, communication and daily living skills to be successful in the community.

• Founded in 2009
• Programs/Services: Jam Sessions, music therapy scholarships (for individual and group sessions), Soundcheck Jams
• Serving: Children, teens and young adults with special needs individuals

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Solutions for change transforms lives and communities by permanently solving family homelessness. Their approach is unique, providing a complete and sustainable solution driven by accountability. Solutions for Change creates access to the right set of opportunities and then equips families with the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to permanently solve their homelessness.

• Founded in 1999
• Services/Programs: Solutions University, Solutions Enterprises,
Solutions in the Community, Servant Leadership
• Serving: Families dealing with homelessness

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The mission of the Groundswell Community Project is to be a creative community that allows women to embrace healing and empowerment through bold and beautiful engagement with each other, the outdoors, and the arts. They look to foster expressive and inclusive group experiences that utilize the gifts of the sea to heal wounds, bridge divides, and empower the fullest expression of self in order to create a united sustainable community that share and save the sea we love.

• Founded in June 2016
• Programs/Services: Community Surf Program, Personalized
Empowerment Surf Programs
• Serving: Women overcoming addiction, abuse, depression, anxiety, and
self doubt

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Movement Brave Entrepreneurs helps students to develop social-emotional maturity through original prose and poetry, teaching students how to express themselves to cope with with the atrocities many face and witness everyday in their personal lives. Using applications of reading, writing, and speaking lessons, students will learn entrepreneurial skills through the production of their own poetry/prose book and open mic showcase.

• Founded in June of 2016
• Programs/Services: Tell Your Story Workshop, Know Your Worth
Workshop, Social Activation Workshop, Brave Entrepreneurs Program
• Serving: Youth who are going through or have undergone difficult
situations in life

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Creating First Impressions exists to break the cycle of poverty and addiction amongst disadvantaged youth by delivering a program that gives youth 14-25 years-old a better sense of career adaptability, responsibility, clear goals and the skills to reach these goals.

• Founded in 2015
• Programs/Services: Career Readiness, Interpersonal Effectiveness,
Financial Literacy, A la Carte Workshops (Unemployment Objectives, Resume Writing and Interviewing 101, College Planning, etc. . .)
• Serving: Youth 14-25 years-old.

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Compassion It made compassion a verb, and their mission is to inspire daily compassionate actions and attitudes. They believe everyone is deserving of compassion and happiness, and envision a day when compassion is practiced by every person, for every person, on every day. Compassion It offers compassion education programs and unique tools that make compassion a priority.

• Founded in 2014
• Program/Services: Compassion, self-compassion and mindfulness
programs for educators, K-12, universities, health care providers, organizations, and athletic teams
• Serving: We serve all people of all ages – worldwide

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